The Swaraj Party was a political party formed in India in January 1923 after the Gaya annual conference in December 1922 of the National Congress.

The party’s name is taken from the term 'swaraj', meaning “self-rule,” which was broadly applied to the movement to gain independence from British rule.

An influential band led by Chitta Ranjan Das, Ajmal Khan and N.C. 'Tattyasaheb' Kelkar wanted an end to the boycott of legislative councils so that the nationalists could enter them to expose the basic weaknesses of these assemblies and use these councils as an arena of political struggle to arouse popular enthusiasm. This set them on a collision course with moderates like M.K.Gandhi.

DECLARATION : 02-October-2016

Accordingly, the name of SWARAJ INDIA PARTY and SWARAJ HIND PARTY has been adopted by the India Against Corruption andolan as an important means to carry on the struggle for Poorna Swaraj through political option/s in future.

UPDATE : 9-October-2016

To: India Against Corruption ("IAC")

Dear Subscribers

Sub: IMPORTANT NOTICE: IAC in LS-2019 elections

The executive of INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION, being sensitive that IAC has emerged from NATIONAL CAMPAIGN for POLITICAL REFORM (India), has seriously decided to additionally explore the "allopathic" POLITICAL OPTIONS (qv. IAC Manifesto) of forming a national political party to contest elections within next 6 or 7 years (or much sooner).

This statement of intention by IAC is to elevate our involvement in practical government instead of being (falsely) derided as theoreticians.

The tentative name for IAC's proposed political party is "SWARAJ INDIA PARTY" and accordingly the IAC movement (on 2 Oct.2016 onwards) has registered the following domains names in advance to be used by IAC in connection with formation and registration of the party and all consultation, drafting and separate membership processes.


ESPECIALLY : To instill the core values of the Hindustan Republican Association (Army) in our candidate members, they will be required to declare that any breach of discipline shall render them liable to drumhead punishment at the hands of the HRA movement independently of any action under law.

However, because IAC is (and shall always remain) apolitical, we must preserve and distinguish the essential character for the non-political side of IAC by re-designating it internally as "INDIA ABOVE POLITICS" for which future purpose we are reserving names of

The core documents of IAC shall be amended in due course to permit members of IAC's proposed party to retain existing membership of IAC simultaneously.


Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor