Sachindranath Sanyal

Sachindranath Sanyal (1895-1942) was a close associate of Ras Behari Bose. He played a major role in organising a revolt by the soldiers of the 7th Rajput Regiment in the United ProvincĀ­es. He was arrested for his involvement in the plan and was sentenced to transportation for life. After his release in 1919 (when an amnesty was declared), he founded the Hindustan Republican Association (Army) in United Provinces. Sachindranath was once again arrested in the Kakori Conspiracy case in 1925 and sentenced to life imprisonment.


Sachindranath was a Bengali (Varendra) Brahmin. He was born to father Hari Nath Saniyal and mother Kherod Vasini Devi in Benaras in 1893. His entire family including many of his brothers and cousins were connected to the freedom struggle against the British, To harass his family the British colonial imperialists repeatedly confiscated the family's property.

Sachindranath's brother Jatindranath published the first authentic biography of Bhagat Singh in 1931 but the book was banned by the colonial government.