IAC Manifesto

A Manifesto for every patriotic citizen

This manifesto of India Against Corruption is being promulgated by India Against Corruption (“IAC”), a conservative Republican movement on behalf of the patriots of Hindustan, so that every honest Indian should read the whole of it and circulate it among his friends so that it may be read out to others.

1.1 Whereas, the Constitution of India had established a democratic Republic and thereby assured to IAC’s adherents (in exchange for their lives) certain promises, which the Union of India is now hereby called upon to specifically deliver unto them. These unfulfilled and undelivered promises, which IAC shall pursue relentlessly with revolutionary zeal to honor its martyrs, national heroes and the glorious struggle culminating in India’s Republic, include for :-

(a) Inclusive minimal non-intrusive governance, free of foreign rule and charity, and premised upon the rule of law to ensure the primacy of the individual over the State.

(b) Life, liberty, security, good health and justice for every Indian without discrimination.

(c) A secular, socialist, Republic of India, constitutionally rooted in the scientific principles of procedural equality, merit and the ownership of private property with the right to defend it.

(d) Integrity, Accountability and Transparency in every aspect of the Republic’s functioning.

(e) A fast, fair and free Judicial system and the freedom to express the Truth, without which the Republic cannot exist.

1.2 And whereas, it would be relevant to recall at the outset the sacrifices of the martyrs of the Hindustan Republican Association (“HRA”), the revolutionary precursor of IAC, whose own Manifesto and Constitution of 1924 listed some goals of the movement as under :-

(a) To denounce and drive out foreign rulers from India along with their imperialist lackeys. As foreigners have no right to rule over Hindustanis, their empires, agencies and dynasties must be expelled by all means so that the Law of Swaraj is established in the Republic.

(b) To forge and establish a federal Republic of United States of India by well organized militias of armed patriots.

(c) A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free and United Republic, the basic right of the people of Hindustan to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. A national duty shall be cast on every citizen of the coming Republic to be trained in the use of the most powerful weapons available, especially the indigenously designed and manufactured weapons, so that all such arms and training obtained at great cost to the nation shall be kept and used to efficiently preserve or defend the Republic.

(d) The basic principle of the Republic will be “abolition of all systems which make the exploitation of man by man possible”. The final Constitution of the Republic shall be framed and declared at a time when India is actually free of exploitation.

(e) To foster the spirit of cooperation for economic and social welfare on as large a scale as possible. The railways and other means of transportation and communication, the banks, hospitals, schools, mines and other kinds of very great industries such as the manufacture of power, steel & ships all these shall be ‘nationalised’.

(f) In the Republic each citizen shall have the "right to recall" his representative, if so desired, in a fast and practical manner otherwise democracy shall become a mockery.

(g) For the Republic, following in the tolerant footsteps of great Indian Emperors and Rishis of the glorious past, to grant whatever rights the different communities may demand, provided they do not clash with the interests of other communities and they lead ultimately to hearty and organic union in different communities in the near future.

(h) In the spiritual realm, to establish the truth, and preach it, that the world is not ‘Maya’, an illusion to be ignored and despised at, but that it is the manifestation of the one individual soul, the supreme source of all power, all knowledge and all beauty.

1.3 And whereas, in consonance with the HRA’s mandate and especially the HRA's prime mandate against foreign imperialism, the IAC is of the firm view that conditions once again dictate that all of Hindustan’s patriots must come forward as one to defend the Republic of India with their oft demonstrated revolutionary zeal, so that the Republic may be preserved for themselves - and for the future generations.

1.4 And whereas, In the face of the deep social inequities and pervasive corruption which now rots every fiber of the national fabric, the IAC firmly rejects and denounces dishonest palliative cosmetic measures, such as overarching ‘Lokpals’, being proposed for India’s acceptance through some former, now expelled, members of the IAC movement - who the public at large are cautioned against.

1.5 And whereas, the IAC looks forward to attracting millions of open minded liberal and empowered citizens to join the patriotic reform movement against corruption, decaying governance and lost morals.

1.6 And whereas, reaffirming from the HRA’s manifesto that ‘Chaos is necessary to the birth of a new star’, the IAC firmly believes the current political, economic and socio-religious orders are completely vitiated by excessive love for foreigners and instead apathy, corruption, and contempt for the common people. IAC requires these orders to be uprooted and turned around for all Hindustan’s most ancient moral values, religious precepts and structures to be reestablished so the people’s primacy in the Republic is restored along with their love for this proud, powerful and renewed nation.

1.7 And whereas, though the IAC is apolitical the movement has political implications as IAC ever observes each political order in power, the IAC achieves its basic objectives by the following ancient true and tested clinical approaches

• “Homeopathic” representations by statutory, legal and Constitutional means,

• “Allopathic” agitations to amend poor laws, administrative systems or social institutions when peaceful representations go unattended,

• “Surgical” interventions to remove gangrenes and cancers whenever the national body is too sick to diagnose and heal itself.

The IAC reaffirms its strict adherence to those secular, socialist and liberal values such as are enshrined in the Constitution of India. The IAC while rejecting ‘non-violence’, ‘Gandhigiri’ and ‘satyagraha’ as the hypocrisy of Corruption’s minions, however, abjures ( as being ‘Swaraj’ and the humility of the strong ) the use of violence and force of arms in the first instance.

Now, therefore, it is expedient and necessary for the IAC to provide a honest Republic to those citizens who desire to have it.

(Let us all now stand as one to sing the beloved National Anthem, Tagore’s “Jana Gana Mana” before we proceed to compose ourselves for action.)