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  1. Shri KB "Anna" Hazare was never a part of the India Against Corruption andolan. IAC has never supported the demand for a Lokpal. IAC firmly opposes any Lokpal(s)
  2. India Against Corruption does not permit any usage of its name(s) and title(s) in connection with the 2010-2013 LokPal Bill agitations. All authors and reporters should use "2011 anti-corruption movement" etc. instead of "India Against Corruption" to describe those events.

India Against Corruption ("IAC") is a people's organisation affiliated to the Hindustan Republican Association which was founded on 3 October,1924 at Kanpur (United Provinces). It is today one of the secular "public" faces of the HRA movement as outlined in the Yellow Paper.

The IAC movement today is an apolitical, secular, socialist, Republican, conservative, revolutionary, Hindutva movement.
(NB: Hindutva is an ancient inclusive way of life inherently capable of harmoniously accommodating all faiths, religions and beliefs or non-beliefs).

As per IAC's ideology, "Hinduism is pre-eminently tolerant to all other religions and believes that each man will attain salvation if he follows his own religion" - Acharya RajNarayan Basu, 1873, Pradhanacharya Rammohun Roy, 1829 [1]

IAC is exclusively dedicated to its ancient purpose of SWARAJ ie. expelling from Hindustan corrupting foreign colonial rulers, along with their agencies and Indian lackeys.
Foreign Rulers: Sonia "Gandhi" &Co.
Foreign Fixers: UIDAI, MNREGA, AID, Ford Foundation, George Soros
Indian Lackeys: Anna Hazare &Co, Narendra Modi &Co, Arvind Kejriwal &Co

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71st Quit India andolan on 26 January 2014

IAC National Convenor Sarbajit Roy visits "71st. Quit India memorial" on Republic Day 26 Jan. 2014 at Azad Maidan, Mumbai supported by IAC Mumbai local volunteers, IHRO, Concerned Citizen Forum, Bhrashtachar Virudh Bharat Jaagrati Abhiyan, Central SC Teachers Sangh, etc. to guide the protests against a) police brutality on Mohini Kamwani and b) denial of human rights to 28,000 school teachers of special schools for Scheduled Castes students in Maharashtra State.

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2nd FIPS forum on 25 January 2014 at Mumbai

India Against Corruption speaks at the 2nd FIPS Forum roundtable [2]at Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai on 25 Jan. 2014 [3] with all stakeholders for Financial Inclusion. IAC protested the proposed use of UID/AADHAR to faciliate the entry of unregulated foreign telecom operators into the Indian banking space to create excessive money supply and indulge in hawala. The consequences of this flawed proposed policy would be to destroy the smaller PSU banks and create market dominance for a few select banks who would loan cheap funds to Micro-finance cartels.

India Against Corruption - FIPS Forum 2014
Round table conferences
India Against Corruption - FIPS Forum 2014
MFS end-user session, Sarbajit (4-L)


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IAC complaint against Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi


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    Formerly: Senior Fellow (HUDCO-HSMI), Visiting Faculty (SPA, TVB SHS), Consultant (DfID, IHSP, Nuffic, UNICEF, etc)
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India Against Corruption - Vidya Wati mother of Bhagat Singh

India Against Corruption - Guru Gobind Singh

Appeal of a Mother to India's Youth

My dear children,

Hard is the path of patriotism, easy the uttering of speeches. Those who bear service to the Motherland have to bear countless torments

You too should make a deep study of the life and experiences of the patriots. Only then can you find out the correct path of life according to the present circumstances.

My blessings, "Become patriots"

Vidya Wati
(Mother of Shaheed Bhagat Singh)
V&PO Khatkar Kalan
Distt. Jullundur (Panjab)

HRA's Kakori marytrs

India Against Corruption - HRA Kakori Martyrs, Rajendra Lahiri, Thakur Roshan Singh, Ashfaqullah Khan, Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil

1 History

The Pink Paper constituting the original IAC organisation (then known as India Against Colonialism) was drafted under the chairmanship of Sachindranath Sanyal, and adopted along with the Yellow Paper, the Green Paper and the White Paper. Only the Yellow paper was made public, the White Paper emerged during the trial of the Kakori Bomb Conspiracy, and copies of the Pink and Green papers are preserved in the National Archives of India.

On 17 April 1973, the moribund 'India Against Colonialism' body was revived and renamed as India Against Corruption for purposes of filing a petition before the Allahabad High Court by HRA leader, the late Raj Narain.

In coordination with other simultaneous lok andolans in Gujarat (Nav Nirman andolan) and Bihar (Bihar Chhatra Sangharsh Samiti) the movements coalesced into the Sampoorna Kranti (Total Revolution) struggle against Congress Party misrule under Lok Nayak JayaPrakash Narayan (JP) which culminated in the national state of Emergency in 1975.

India Against Corruption - Indira Gandhi Emergency

2 Objects

India Against Corruption - Map of Greater India
  1. The object of the organisation are to establish, through revolution, a Republic of the United States of India under a Federal Constitution of the Republic, enforced by organized and armed committees of citizens in a lawful, democratic and Constitutional manner.
  2. The basic principle of the organisation shall be Universal Suffrage and the abolition of all systems which make any kind of exploitation of man by man possible.

3 Prominent Members

The prominent members of the glorious past include Chittaranjan Das, Lala Hardayal, Raj Chandra Chaudhuri, Lala Kanshi Ram, Ashfaqullah Khan, Ram Prasad Bismil, Jadugopal Mukhupadhyaya, Sachindranath Sanyal, Chandrashekhar Azad, Sachindra Bakshi, Keshab Chakravarthy, Dev Datt Bhattacharya, Bhagat Singh, Rajindra Nath Lahiri, Yogesh Chandra Chatterji, Kali Das Bose, Raj Narain, Lal Bahadur Shastri etc.

Public Notice: Beware of Jack-in-the-Box jokers

4 IAC today

The current IAC (“India Against Corruption”) is an organised synergy of India’s leading anti-corruption and transparency activists who met between 13.Oct.2006-15.Oct.2006 at New Delhi and decided on the spot to form a common platform to combat corruption collectively.

These included many eminent persons associated with the National Campaign for Political Reform in India which was formed in 2002.

India Against Corruption - Gen Sec. Manoj Pai with Anna Hazare at CIC RTI Convention 2006

Manoj Pai with Anna Hazare

India Against Corruption - Gen Sec. C.J. Karira with Anna Hazare at CIC RTI Convention 2006

CJ. Karira with Anna Hazare

This pioneering anti-corruption people’s movement was thereafter reconvened by Sarbajit Roy on 21.Feb.2007 when he had received information of a “tout shop” (@ "Arvind-ki-dukaan’) erected by Arvind Kejriwal outside the Headquarters of the Central Information Commission ("CIC") at New Delhi. Kejriwal was then unemployed and was collecting citizens dissatisfied with the CIC to file RTI requests on behalf of his foreign sponsors. (photo of the illegal kiosk which Kejriwal bribed the local police Rs.2,000 to overlook).

India Against Corruption - Foundation day 26 Feb. 2007

The name “India Against Corruption” was adopted on 26.Feb.2007 outside the CIC office in presence of many NCPRI activists after IAC’s convenor proposed it as a tribute to Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan’s movement which had also initially used the name in the earlier struggle. Roy proposed that the permission to use the IAC name for a movement to monitor accounts of Common Wealth Games 2010, already initiated by Veeresh Malik, would be obtained from the “Hindustan Republican Army” (action wing of HRA) who were known to him. (photo of foundation day of new IAC movement : Lokesh Batra, Sarbajit Roy, Manish Sisodia, Shekhar Singh, Rekha Koli, Arvind Kejriwal, Veeresh Malik (photographer).)

Accordingly, IAC began filing a series of coordinated Right to Information (RTI)) requests to elicit information from the Government bodies and Games Organising Committees. This took place between 2007 and 2010 and over 11,000 pages of highly damaging information was gathered by a crack team of national activists headed by Roy and Veeresh Malik from Delhi and Pune known as the "HumJanenge" (We shall know). As there was stiff resistance from the Indian Olympics Association and also the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee to transparency, it needed the decision of Delhi High Court in Veeresh Malik versus Indian Olympic Association to open the way.

From its humble beginnings, the IAC people’s movement (‘Jan Andolan’) is today one of the best known international anti-corruption movements.

5 Core Committee

IAC Core Committee meeting 03.09.2013

IAC movement is managed by the Core Committee which regularly reports to Hindustan Republican Association ("IAC-HQ") through the National Convenor.

Core Committee
Er. Sarbajit Roy (National Convenor)
Mr. Veeresh Malik (Co-Convenor)
Er. C.J. Karira (Co-Convenor)
Mr. Manoj Pai
Mr. Hitendra Parihar
Mr. Muzib-Ur Rehman
Er. N.S. Venkatraman
Dr. Sandeep Gupta (wef. 2013)
Mr. Harikumar Bharatiya (wef. 2013)

6 Misuse of name "India Against Corruption"

The public at large is informed that India Against Corruption ("IAC") has never demanded a LokPal (Ombudsman) at any stage. The usage of IAC name was only approved to protest and litigate against the Common Wealth Games 2010 scams in 2010, and was withdrawn on 9 Dec. 2010 to Team Arvind when they proposed to use it for a JanLokpal Bill campaign.

6.1 IAC disassociates itself from "fake" and "manufactured by Congress" protests which misused "India Against Corruption" name

  1. IAC has no association with the meeting, organised by Kiran Bedi and @Agnivesh, which took place on 30 Jan.2011 at Delhi's RamLila grounds by misusing IAC's banner of "India Against Corruption" which their Secretary had been previously repeatedly instructed not to use.
  2. IAC makes it clear to the public that Kiran Bedi and @Agnivesh are impersonators of IAC and 'agent provocateurs' for political parties which are well known for corruption and have been well rewarded for their treachery (and from foreign sources). [5], [6]
  3. IAC makes it clear that the IAC Fiasco which misused IAC's name was arranged by vested forces of corruption (which includes the Congress party as well as the Bhartiya Janta Party "BJP") [7] and misused IAC's name to cash in on HRA's goodwill and integrity.
  4. IAC has come to know the entire show at RamLila Grounds was sponsored by the 'Times of India' media chain with whom the event organisers had signed agreements as far back as 16 Nov. 2010 to conduct their fake protest in name and style of "India Against Corruption" and "Bhrastachar ke Khilaf JanYudh (People's war against corruption)".

6.2 The real Lokpal anti-corruption movement of GSSB and how "Team Anna" hijacked it

For a long time another organisation "Gandhi Sewa & Satyagraha Brigade - GSSB" was agitating for Lokpal Bill as well as the return of "Black" Money to India and the confiscation of "black" assets in India. Under deceitful circumstances, GSSB's Lokpal Bill indefinite fast since 1 Jan. 2011 was broken up by so-called "Team Anna", whereas their "Return Black Money to India" andolan was somehow subsumed into Baba Ramdev's "Bharat Swabhiman Trust" due to old age of the Gandhians (with whom IAC was long associated through S.D Sharmaji (later known as Shambhu Dutt) the Secretary of National Campaign for Political Reform in India (NCPRI) in 2004) and previously vice-Chairman/Founder of "Transparency India".

NB: Later the GSSB (like HRA) publicly protested that they were deceived and betrayed by Team Anna..

6.3 Limited permission to use IAC name for anti-corruption andolan

On 2 Oct. 2010, "IAC-HQ" communicated to Sarbajit Roy their in-principle nod that its revolutionary banner of "India Against Corruption" could also be used for a wider popular movement against the excesses of Congress misrule exemplified by massive CWG-2010 scams once the Games concluded on 14 Oct. 2010. Accordingly, IAC leaders sponsored some NGOs to promote andolans to spread IAC's research in public domain and processes.

On 18 Oct. 2010, it was announced at a public meeting that the Delhi based NGO "Public Cause Research Foundation" ("PCRF") a Trust having Arvind Kejriwal, and Manish Sisodia as its founding members Trustees could act as common "Secretariat" for the diverse andolans and to coordinate with media and for public relations etc. However, the same day IAC-HQ communicated that its revolutionary banners and images of India Against Corruption martyrs should not be sullied by association with persons like Aruna Roy or Harsh Mander and self-styled Swamis like Ramdev Yadav or "Agnivesh" Vepa Rao who had been invited to the 18.10.2010 meeting. This caused some ripples and Er.Sarbajit Roy withdrew from the andolan to consult with IAC-HQ.

6.4 Fake Facebook page "Indiacor"

On 27 Oct. 2010, [8], a Facebook group page linked to Baba Ramdev titled as "Commonwealth Jhel" then having 3,000 "likes", mischievously changed its name to "Indiacor" to fool the public and soon reached 25,000 likes by January 2011. A few days later its creator Shivendra Singh Chauhan sold its passwords to Team Arvind to promote Arvind's new personality cult and stayed on to manage it. The number of "likes" for the page are equally fake and automatically generated by apps [9]. A series of disputes between "Team Anna" and "Chauhan & Gaurav Bakshi" broke out over the "hijacking" of this facebook page [10] after the latter were expelled from "Team Anna".

Chauhan, who worked for Ramdev, now claims on Twitter to be a co-founder of IAC and also at a press conference when he recently joined the BJP [11], pic on 15 Oct. 2013. The first post on Indiacor to this Facebook page (which only got 4 'likes') was on 22 Nov. 2010 and only after Kejriwal had illegally registered the "" domain on 17 Nov.2010 to himself.

Shivendra Chauhan, Gaurav Bakshi, Mahesh Geiri join BJP on 15 Oct.2013 to promote Narendra Modi's campaign.

Later a complaint over this Facebook page was made to facebook and the page got merged with "Final War Against Corruption" [12]

An accounts statement by PCRF about the money received and spent till September 2011 shows that while the IAC received donations worth Rs 2.5 crore, half of it got spent. The donations received by IAC during 2011 and 2012 amount to Rs 1.48 crore. These remain with the Public Cause Research Foundation.

As a public service, IAC had placed some relevant accounts of the fake IAC back in the public domain after they were deleted by the imposters.

  • PCRF Sept 2011 half yearly Audit Report Extraordinary accounts after public allegations by @Agnivesh that Kejriwal has embezzled at least 80 lakhs after the 15th August protest
  • PCRF list of donors for IAC andolan .XLS file containing what PCRF claims is list of donors from 01.04.2011 till 30.09.2011
  • PCRF Account for IAC website Another XLS file from PCRF for same period, including that Rs. 92+ lakhs was collected without receipts at Ramlila ground Anshun from 19.08.2011 till 28.08.2011 and Rs. 25 lakhs by cheque from Sitaram Jindal.

On 27 July 2012 during the Jan Lokpal fast, Anna Hazare & Co. had abandoned the names IAC on Facebook and were then calling themselves as "Final War Against Corruption" there.

6.5 Deceit to misuse HRA's kindness to Kejriwal in late 2010

Deceitful events of 14 November 2010 at Connaught Place

FRAUD: Or how the citizens were deceived by Anna, Ramdev, Kiran Bedi &Co.

On 14 Nov. 2010, at a public meeting it was announced an "FIR" had been lodged in Parliament Street Police station on behalf of "India Against Corruption" against the CWG scams. Actually there was no such FIR because the police station said it didn't come exclusively inside their jurisdiction and was under a Special Law (ie. Prevention of Corruption Act). The SHO did, however, acknowledge receiving a copy and directed the informants to the Magistrate in terms of section 155 CrPC. (That is what they are holding in the picture above).

A retd. Chief Justice (Justice D.S.Tewatia) then suggested another complaint (in 375 pages) be compiled and delivered to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (SP-CBI) that very day. This was quickly put together and was very badly xeroxed by Arvind to make it unreadable.(A copy is available in IAC's private archives). The shoddy complaint was dismissed by the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Amit Bansal on 26 Nov.2011 who also directed in another matter that a FIR be registered against Kiran Bedi for duping various police organizations [13].

Except for the first 2 complaints on CWG like "Queens Baton Relay" and hotel rates (which was sourced from newspaper clippings) the rest of this complaint was all padding about substandard concrete used (along with Test certificates from the Test House in Ghaziabad) to construct drains and EWS housing Rohini in 2008-09 and was taken from an old CAG report, and also some purchase of substandard medical equipment which activist Subhash Chandra Agrawal (seen next to Anna in pic) had got about 100 pages of RTI data in 2009. In all it may have added up to about 20-30 crores of actual wrongdoing at the very most.

IAC which was then holding over 7,000 pages of hard evidence, had refused to share any information with these PCRF deceivers due to mounting mistrust over the direction the andolan was taking to let the offenders get away scot free with the loot by fooling the public using paid media (no wonder Agnivesh is smiling so broadly).

That same evening a public rally was organised by Baba Ramdev's 'Bharat Swabhiman Trust' titled as Bhrastachar ke Khilaf JanYudh ("People's War Against Corruption") attended by Anna Hazare and some Muslim clerics like Maulana Syed Kalbe, whom Ramdev was promoting after the Deobandis had distanced from Ramdev. Arvind Kejriwal spoke for about 30 minutes on various national scams but hardly touched on CWG scam or the irrefutable scam evidence available to the andolan. IAC felt betrayed & deceived, but expressed its fury privately that the usage of its name and banners could not now be tolerated for attempts to dilute the focus of the protest and divert the public anger into cul-de-sacs like LokPal Bill.

Press Conference 01/Dec/2010 (NSCI)

On 17 Nov. 2010, the PCRF unilaterally registers the domain name of "" to call a press conference (arranged and paid for by Bharat Swabhiman Trust of controversial medicine man Baba Ramdev) on 01 Dec. 2010 at "National Sports Club of India" (New Delhi).

At the meeting on 01 Dec. 2010, which was again held only under title of Bhrastachar ke Khilaf JanYudh when asked about status of the criminal Writ Petition to be filed by "India Against Corruption" for non-registration of a FIR by Delhi Police on 14.10.2010, Kiran Bedi feigned ignorance of it and mentioned that the LokPal Bill agitation of Anna Hazare is now being conducted under the IAC banner (which had actually never been previously discussed nor agreed with HRA). Anna Hazare then also announced to the media that "India Against Corruption" is the name for his LokPal andolan, and circulated a copy of,

(i) letter of 01.12.2010 sent to Prime Minister misusing name of IAC, and
(ii)letter of 01.12.2010 to Chief Justice of India misusing name of IAC
both sent from Arvind's Ghaziabad address.

(L-R): Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Sunita Godara (standing), Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, KB "Anna" Hazare, Vepa "Aginivesh" Rao, BR Lall (standing)'

On 07 Dec. 2010, Arvind also used the name "India Against Corruption" in his blogpost, and used it to propagate the "Jan Lokpal Bill" agitation. The name of IAC was also used thereafter to complete various formalities with the local authorities for a rally on 30.Jan. 2011 on Gandhi's death date.

From this time onwards and with no explanations forthcoming from Team Arvind for their attitude, IAC-HQ withdrew permission to Team Arvind (then being tagged in the media as "Team Anna") to use IAC's name and banners.

IAC has repeatedly clarified the mischievous reporting by media as under:-

  1. At no stage was PCRF authorised to represent itself to be India Against Corruption organisation, (and they did not)
  2. At no stage was Shri KB "Anna" Hazare even a primary member of IAC let alone its leader, (and Anna has never claimed to be either)
  3. At no stage did any person connected with PCRF have any authority to use name of IAC for anything other than CWG-2010 agitation, (this resulted from temporary breakdown in communications as HRA is a private body with its own agenda).

That Anna Hazare was only a dummy during the andolan emerges from his plaintive wail on 22 Sep. 2012 to be provided a copy of list of IAC's volunteers list [14] and also by his admission he never had access to IAC funds [15].

6.6 Gross public insults to HRA's icons by Anna Hazare

IAC is not a Gandhian organisation and had taken serious exception to misuse of its revolutionary banners to promote pseudo-Gandhian philosophies during the popular agitations. In this photograph of 6 Apr. 2011 Shaheed Bhagat Singh pyara had been relegated by Team Anna to an inconspicuous bottom left corner and disrespected by the proximate image of his arch enemy M.K Gandhi. At this stage Arvind, quite properly, did not hold this fast under IAC's name or banners which were taken down on the first day of the fast.

6.7 Why these imposters congregated originally

9 April 2011: At the core of what is presented as a Jantar Mantar rainbow coalition against corruption is, in fact, a carefully orchestrated campaign that was rebuffed last year and has now struck back with a vengeance — deploying a fasting Anna Hazare to armtwist the Centre into an unprecedented agreement. The key faces of the Jantar Mantar protest, Anna Hazare, Aamir Khan, Baba Ramdev and Arvind Kejriwal, had combined when they wrote to the Centre calling for ex-IPS officer Kiran Bedi to be "made" Chief Information Commissioner in the wake of Wajahat Habibullah's retirement. The Centre roundly rebuffed them and appointed A.N.Tiwari as CIC instead [16], [17].

6.8 Who is really behind Team Arvind

Kejriwal's fake IAC movement was secretly organised by a syndicate of foreign controlled RSS affiliated lobbyists exemplified by Govindacharya, Subramaniam Swamy etc. who always dissimulated in public to avoid being linked to IAC.

These brokers originally intended the fake IAC movement as a tool to remove the BJP's reigning gang of 4 (Venkiah Naidu, Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj and Ananth Kumar) to promote crony capitalism for select corporate groups like Reliance, Tatas, Adani, Essar etc. by the device of getting Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh &Co. installed at the helm of the BJP.

Instances of such crony capitalism once the BJP comes to power at the centre include the takeover of the asset stripped BSNL and MTNL by Reliance so that Mukesh Ambani can launch the 4G services without paying the exchequer for spectrum. Similarly the sale of asset stripped national carrier "Air India" to either Reliance or Tatas like BJP did in the Centaur Hotel scam. [18], [19].

(secret photo) Govindacharya giving private tutions to his star pupils.

Previously in 2003-04 IAC's present National Convenor Sarbajit Roy had chased the Telecom regulators to recover penalty of Rs. 2,800 crore from Reliance Telecom for operating mobile telecom services without a licence and without the regulatory interconnection agreements. Roy's action also resulted in resignation of the BJP's then Telecom Minister Pramod Mahajan, which had endeared Roy to the clean forces within the BJP.

Once it started becoming apparent in early 2012 that HRA and not dance to their tune and would be taking over the fake IAC campaign to shut it down, these brokers (who project themselves as patriots in public) started another fake body Action Committee Against Corruption in India (ACACI) on 2 Apr. 2012 along with the 3rd leg of their syndicate Baba Ramdev.

6.9 Who is "Ramdev" ? (and who floated the fake IAC)

A small time delivery boy for "Swami Shankar Dev" a yoga guru and local compounder of Ayurvedic preparations in Haridwar [20]. The CBI has now registered a case for the kidnapping / mysterious disappearance of Ramdev's Guru [21] from the Divya Yoga Trust ashram which Ramdev now heads.

Ramdev is a self-styled "baba" (with pretensions to being a "Swami") who cloaks himself in the sacred "bhagwa" (saffron) to pass freely among the credulous in India. Ramdev was under numerous Income Tax scrutiny cases causing him to approach Arvind Kejriwal (then an Income Tax officer on long leave and also an RSS boy) for "consultancy". The pair then concocted the audacious scheme of a fake IAC movement to cloak Ramdev in fake respectability as an anti-corruption crusader and buy him time. Using Ramdev's funds and supported by a bevy of Ford Foundation financed NGOs, the pair roped in RSS activists and paid them heavily [22] to fake a popular protest movement.

In March 2011 the RSS's core committee the Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha meeting at Puttur (Karnataka) gave its tacit support to Ramdev's andolan. On 02 Apr. 2011, the RSS announced the formation of an anti-corruption front, with Baba Ramdev as its patron and K.N. Govindacharaya as its convener. On 8 April 2011 a letter from Suresh ("Bhaiyya") Joshi pledging RSS support to Anna was publicly delivered to Anna at his fast venue by Ram Madhav and Ors. On 12 May 2011, the RSS student front organization (ABVP), floated an organization called Youth against Corruption for Baba Ramdev and again misused IAC's name. A week later RSS's Suresh Joshi directed every swayamsevak to render all possible cooperation to Shri Baba Ramdev. This was followed up by VHP's Ashok Singhal issuing a similar circular. [23], [24]

The Uttarakhand govt files 81 cases against Baba Ramdev, Patanjali Yogpeeth for landgrabbing and extensive transactions using unaccounted money.

India Today reported that Baba Ramdev's betrayal sparks doom gloom in RSS The RSS persons who propped up Ramdev now say, the anti-corruption "movement" is all but over because they promoted a "dubious icon".

After Ramdev cut a deal with the Congress Party to save his assets, he began actively working against passing of the Lokpal Bill. On 12 May 2012 he mischievously incited Muslim community at a meeting called by Iliyas Azmi (former MP from Farrukhabad) to link the passage of Lokpal Bill with their demand for reservations under Article 341 of the Constitution [25].

A few months later on 10 Oct. 2012 Kejriwal launched an attack on Law Minister Salman Khurshid the sitting Congress MP from Farrukhabad [26]. Iliyas Azmi (who is notorious for hopping from party to party) is now a National Executive member of Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party.

In the meantime another ex-MP from Farrukhabad (so-called journalist Santosh Bhartiya) is now the driving force behind Anna Hazare and V.K.Singh's outfit "Jan Tantra Morch" (JTM).

Ramdev and his Nepali associate Balakrishna delivering goods in the early days.

Ramdev, inciting Muslims at Islamic Centre on 12 May.2012 for Article 341.

Santosh Bhartiya (rear) advising Anna and VKS at JTM's Patna rally on 30.01.2013

6.10 Who is this Sri Sri ?

Sri Sri is supposedly a disciple of Mahesh Yogi. He was the associate producer of this fake IAC, [27], [28], [29] drama to vent the anger of the public against a series of scandals plaguing India in 2010, of which the 2 biggest were the CommonWealth Games scams by Congress and the Karnataka mining scam of BJP. He arranged that all the actors and impersonators in his roadshow received handsome "cheque payments" and participation certificates for their deceptions in Feb 2012.

Santosh Hegde gets corrupted

.. as does Anna Hazare

Sri Sri ensured that Anna Hazare, Santosh Hegde and Kejriwal's Man Friday Manish Sisodia were well rewarded by BJP's reigning Delhi gang (the "D4") through industrialist Sitaram Jindal who is also the uncle of controversial Congress MP Naveen Jindal who Team Anna targets in public. On D4 instructions, Sri Sri and Jindal later split "Team Anna" to prevent Ramdev from forming a new rebel RSS backed political party for Kejriwal and Narendra Modi [30], .

.. and Manish Sisodia

Anna, Kejriwal's "last supper" with Judas Jindal

Obviously the leading lights of the so-called "Team Anna" have no qualms or shame in taking money and breaking bread in 5 star luxury with the same political scamsters they rail against in public when the media cameras (helpfully provided to them by these same rascals) are switched on. In the second photo Justice Hegde (a retired Supreme Court Judge who was also L.K. Advani's counsel during the Emergency) and Tejinder Khanna (Chairman Delhi Development Authority) are probably recalling the biggest illegal land grab - Akshardham Temple Complex - they jointly pulled off in Delhi for Mr. Advani's constituents in Gandhinagar.

Coalgate-smile Naveen Jindal (with Ms.Khaitan)

Land mafia cuts across party lines

IAC Convenor's public caution to former judge Santosh Hegde issued on 21 April 2011.

Why Santosh Hegde MUST quit !!!
A few reasons why Justice Santosh Hegde must quit the drafting committee NOW !!!

A man is known by the company he keeps

  1. He is in the company of politicians whom the citizenry perceive to be extremely corrupt.
  2. He is in the company of lawyers who regularly defend corrupt people for extraordinary fees and amass extraordinary assets.
  3. He is in the company of some of the most incompetent people to draft an ombudsman bill.

A man is known by his deeds

  1. He should quit before people start examining his old judgments in the SC - for example his completely corrupt Akshardham decision
  2. He should quit before people start questioning his conduct as Chairman TDSAT and why he did nothing to prevent the telecom scams .

A man is known by his beliefs

  1. He should quit before people start asking about his belief (and belief of those close to him) in godmen and babas.

A man is known by his utterances

  1. He should quit because he knows that the committee he is appointed to is a fraud on the Constitution of India, and had he been an honest judge he would have been the first to strike down its constitution / composition as arbitrary. Why has he not spoken so far ? Is it because. he is so dependent on post retirement sinecures that he must stifle his conscience and good sense ?

7 Official statement on events leading to formation of Aam Aadmi Party

At IAC's Core Committee meeting on 03.09.20103 the following agreed statement was issued concerning the deamalgamation of persons under IAC's banner inclined to fight corruption using political processes.

a) It was publicly announced on 02 August 2012 evening by Sh. Arvind Kejriwal and his friends who were on an “indefinite fast” under the banner of “India Against Corruption” that the national anti-corruption movement would take a political nature/turn including by forming a political party and contesting elections.

b) This unilateral announcement by Arvind Kejriwal met with considerable internal opposition within IAC movement (which is ideologically against direct participation in politics). Arvind’s announcement was viewed by IAC as a device to distract from the popular dissatisfaction with demand for Lokpal Bill after overuse of methods like satyagraha and repeated fasting (anshan) caused IAC to lose public support across India.

c) In the surcharged atmosphere, a series of public disagreements between the “political” and “apolitical” groups of IAC were being reported in the media affecting the IAC’s reputation. The IAC’s social networking sites and mailing lists were also hacked, manipulated and misused to wrongly project that the public mood wanted IAC to go political. IAC members and the public at large were being subjected to a barrage of propaganda and were tremendously confused by the “split”.

d) IAC HQ decided that the movement shall remain apolitical, and “Team Arvind” would exit by/on 2 October 2012 after announcing the name of their party which would be different from India Against Corruption’s. The cyber war, however, still continued.

e) It was in these circumstances that social activist Er. Sarbajit Roy was inducted by IAC’s HQ on 17 Oct 2012 to resolve the cyber warring and settle the issue of who would retain / use the India Against Corruption brand, which was entrusted to him pende lis, while the funds collection issues were being simultaneously resolved.

f) On 26th October 2012 it was mutually conveyed/agreed to IAC HQ that Arvind and his faction would completely exit from IAC, give up their claims to the IAC name and form their political party with a substantially different name by 26th November 2012. It was also agreed that announcements and campaigns made in the period between 26.10.2012 and 25.11.2012 would not bind / devolve on the other.

g) It was agreed in principle that the funds collected by Team Arvind till 25th Nov.2012 and with them could be held by them and Team Arvind would be responsible for rendering / settling the accounts to whoever required it.

h) From 26th Oct 2012 onwards Er. Sarbajit Roy is nominated as “National Convenor” by IAC HQ to be the public face of the IAC movement. Er. Roy in turn is selecting and nominating the eminent citizens and RTI activists of India known for their integrity and competence to be the IAC’s core committee members on a voluntary basis.

i) Team Arvind have generally complied with their assurances and on 24.Nov.2012 have floated their organization under name and style of “Aam Aadmi Party” w.e.f 26.Nov.2012 and their erstwhile IAC India Against Corruption website was duly disabled by them. Meanwhile on 02.Nov.2012 Er.Roy had booked and started the new official IAC website as For operational and security reasons the official India Against Corruption website is presently redirected to the IAC’s Core Committee crabgrass portal - securely hosted on Riseup’s activist platform.

8 Other events for the IAC "split" from 10 Nov. 2012

On 10 Nov. 2012, Kiran Bedi brought Anna Hazare to Delhi to lay claim to the India Against Corruption brand name. It was mischievously reported in paid online media that Arvind Kejriwal "who had left the movement 2 months back had agreed to give the IAC name to his 'guru'". At the morning conference Anna posed as founder of IAC and told reporters "The movement of India Against Corruption was launched by me to fight corruption". "On the issue of using the name IAC, Hazare said if Kejriwal-led group gives it, he will take it.". Hazare also said his photos used to be earlier on IAC's banners. On 11 Nov. 2012, the Indian Express published a report Anna’s new team wants an old name, says we are India Against Corruption

Concerned by these news reports, a furious HRA reminded Kejriwal of his assurances, and on 11 Nov. 2011, the following "Half-baked" and "self serving" press release issued on behalf of Team Arvind from their official email ID <> [31]

PRESS RELEASE / 11.November.2012
on behalf of
The India Against Corruption (Kejriwal) national anti-corruption movement

India Against Corruption has noted reports being published and circulated in various newspapers and media channels stating that Shri Arvind Kejriwal has agreed that the name "India Against Corruption" will be exclusively used by Shri Anna Hazare ji and funds will be collected in name of "India Against Corruption" in a bank account to be opened by Smt. Kiran Bedi & Ors. It has also been imputed therein that Shri Arvind Kejriwal would have no objection to Anna Hazare ji exclusively using the India Against Corruption name, banner etc. if he was asked to relinquish his rights, claims and titles in the India Against Corruption and IAC brand names in favour of Shri Anna Hazare ji.

It is clarified as follows:

1) The brand names "India Against Corruption" and "IAC" and all exclusive titles and rights therein neither vests with Shri Arvind Kejriwal nor with Shri Anna Hazare ji or with any other definitely settled person or organisation.

2) India Against Corruption states that all graphics, logos, and brand names of the India Against Corruption movement were placed in the public domain and free of copyright a long time ago by their authors and creators. In view of this ground reality it is very well known to all concerned parties that there was never any copyrighted trademark or logo for India Against Corruption as the same could not be done.

3) No money has been collected till now only in the name of India Against Corruption and certainly no duly accounted for receipts have been issued in the name of India Against Corruption. For anyone to say that somebody like Shri Arvind Kejriwal would relinquish the rights and accounts in IAC to anybody else would necessarily imply that funds meant for the IAC have been exclusively collected by him until now. This is not the case. It is also very well settled in law that a person can only relinquish or transfer his definite title and defined shares.

4) Shri Anna Hazare ji was not associated with the IAC movement initially, He associated himself later on. Smt Kiran Bedi and Ms. Sunita Godara were also initial volunteers of the IAC movement, but ranked pari-passu with Shanti Bhusha ji, Shri Prasant Bhushan, Shri Arvind Kejriwal & many other selfless IAC volunteers. As such the claim that Shri Arvind Kejriwal left the IAC movement 2 months back to form a political party is false, mischievous and without any foundation. Shri Kejriwal may issue his own personal statement concerning this.

5) India Against Corruption was never an hierarchial organisation. That would be undemocratic and against everything IAC stands for.

6) Shri Anna Hazare ji under the cover of people's protests organised under the banner of India Against Corruption and financed by duly accounts funds of the PCRF and other social organisations has earned crores of rupees from sale of branded merchandise like shirts, caps and other articles with slogans like "I am Anna" by his volunteers. The IAC has not received even 1 rupee from such sales which had nothing to do with IAC. The Indian public hopes that accounts for such huge revenues would be rendered to them by the people who expect to collect and manage IAC's funds in the future.

National Spokesperson
"India Against Corruption" anti-corruption people's movement

8.1 Kiran Bedi leaves IAC campaign formally

On 24 Dec. 2012, after repeated queries by IAC District coordinators to account for large sums of money given to her in cash for funding the unsanctioned IAC campaign, Kiran Bedi resigns as India Against Corruption volunteer through an email posted to IAC's public mailing lists. [32]

8.2 Gen V.K Singh asserts IAC is still "firmly" with Anna

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 9:07 AM, <> wrote:

Bedi's stance keeps changing. IAC is firmly with Anna. Rally on 30th is of the masses and IAC is part of it.
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National Convenor clarifies Anna's status in IAC to Gen. V.K.Singh

Anna is with IAC but the IAC is not with him

"... We would also request you to personally ensure that no misuse of the India Tricolor takes place on the occasion and the flag code is strictly adhered to. As a fauji I am sure you would appreciate the sentiment we patriots attach to it. Shri.Anna Hazare is an old offender of regularly dishonoring the flag on such occasions and it is only our magnanimity that he and Dr Kiran Bedi are not behind bars for the same."

On 15 Jan. 2013 IAC Dist Coordinator asks V.K.Singh to return their funds

Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] Basic ingredients of IAC

Hello Gen VK

Since last 3 months Anna has done nothing for IAC and has not contacted IAC coordinators. All he doing is creating confusion in mind of public. Dos he have any action plan, if so what it is ? Now there is no need or hope for Lokpal Bill. That phase of IAC movement is over and nobody wants Lokpal Bill not even NCPRI.

We had also collected over Rs. 28 lakhs which was given to IAC for Anna through Kiran Bedi. Team Arvind is not replying to us how the money was used, they say we should contact Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi or anyone else we care in IAC as they were collecting funds for PCRF not for IAC If you have any idea about our money, please inform us or return the same to us immediately with interest.

Mohd Raaz Baig
IAC (NCPRI) Coordinator

National Convenor's email dt. 16 Jan 2013 to Gen V.K.Singh


I am also given to understand that yesterday you led a candle-light march in Patna where you announced that IAC as a party of 'aam aadmis' is entering politics and would be recommending "clean" candidates. I am very surprised that you could make such a preposterous statement.

Accordingly, in view of your self evidently poor track record of identifying "clean" persons and your non-existent record of success in fighting corruption, I would sincerely request you, as your junior (in age) to reflect on the damage being caused to the ancient and honorable institution of the Indian Army by your "antics" and to the Indian nation (which is exposed to the threat of a "manufactured" mini-war to save the corrupt political classes on both sides of the border) by your inappropriate utterances.

On 17.Jan 2013 IAC Dist Coordinator explains funding behind Anna's Delhi office with stolen money

Lot of confusion being created about IAC only by Kiran Bedi because we're asking her about where all the money collected from IAC West Bengal totaling more then 28 lakh disappeared.

Everyday she was changing her story not coming on phone. A group of us come to Delhi and go to her house and basement office in Udday Park. For 3 days she don't meet us and young girls in her office tell us lies. We find that she is using the money into Anna's new office which while rented by Vicky Donor producer was 5 lakh rupee per month. The landlord is Congress worker and very close to Bedi. Then we ask where the rent money is coming from, they tell some "anonymous" donor has given 12 lacs for paying the rent of 1 lac per month.

There is no anonymous donation, it is stolen money of poor people of Bengal and Kiran Bedi, Anna and VeekY are only Congress persons and stealing our money. Howe many other states she has done same cheating will come out in police investigation.

Mohd Raaz Baig
IAC (NCPRI) Coordinator

8.3 Anna Hazare drops claim to IAC brand name

On 18 Jan. 2013 Anna Hazare publicly declares he will shut down his "IAC Delhi office" and drop all claims to India Against Corruption brand name.

Having fought a bitter battle with Arvind Kejriwal for the India Against Corruption name, the new Team Anna will not work under that banner any more. Anna Hazare's NGO in Ralegan Siddhi, Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan Nyas, will henceforth be the platform from which he and his team will hold programmes. The office at Sarvodaya Enclave here, which had been the bone of contention between volunteers and core team, will wind up by the end of this month. The Ralegan Siddhi office, opened on January 12, will be the centre of the movement. A call will be taken at a later date on a Delhi branch office, if required.

It is curious that having wrested the name from Kejriwal, the new Team Anna is all set to drop the brand altogether.

9 Statement of National Convenor on Jan Tantra Morcha

The following public statement was issued on 16.01.2013 by IAC in reply to a request to support Gen (Retd.) V.K.Singh under banner of Jan Tantra Morcha after "Anna Hazare had left the IAC".

IAC had previously been outraged at juxtaposition of images of HRA's martyrs/shaheeds Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev etc, with those of Vivekananda and Gandhi at public performances by Anna Hazare's troupe with obscene dances, public disrespect to national flag and consumption of alcohol as at a function held at Nashik on 24.May.2012 to raise money for Anna.

Pertaining to your remarks on Anna Hazare leaving IAC, Mr Anna Hazare was never a part of the IAC. He is a duffer and character actor who was massively overpaid for his walk on appearances. Like every cheap character actor he is never seen after sun-down ;-). In fact an inverse Keshto Mukherjee.

What was Anna Hazare before Team Arvind elevated him to National status in 2011 ? In rural Maharashtra his travelling circus is well known for its set routine for which they are paid between 50,000 and 1 lakh for their night shows.

Act 1: Some Comedian and poetry reading with cheap dialogues. Public starts getting in the mood and slowly opening their bottles.
Act-2: Tamasha / Lavani troupe with all Jhatak Mataks (see attached picture) . This carries on for 1 hour. Public is nicely sozzled by now and dancing in front of stage (and also on stage).
20 minute interval to cool crowd down.
Act-3: Some local politician / sponsor comes on stage and makes introductory remarks about Desh Bhakti / Bhagat Singh etc. and appeals to noble nature of crowd and imagery of Bharat Mata and brings on ANNA.
Act-4: ANNA THE GREAT makes his standard 20 minute speech including on evils of alcohol. This is the signal for the public to start weaving their way out from the venue.

All the while the venue is disrespectfully festooned with the Indian Flag at night.
And you want us to support such people whom your General associates with ?

National Convenor
India Against Corruption jan andolan

9.1 Updated statement on Jan Tantra Morcha after Anna drops IAC name claims

IMPORTANT EMAIL about IAC dt. 18 Jan.2013

Dear Friends

For the last 3 months Dr. Kiran Bedi has been running a smear campaign to persuade respected Anna Hazareji to "claim" / "reclaim" the India Against Corruption banner / brand-name etc - call it what you will.

We have also seen an explosion of venom on this list from all sides - which we have tried to circulate even though some of it was very abusive and even made absolutely false personal allegations against me.

I am glad to announce that due to efforts of our well-wishers (after all we are all together in this epochal movement against corruption, and we greatly respect IESMs etc) Shri Anna Hazareji has announced that he is dropping his claim to the IAC brand name etc and will close his Delhi office.

Anna drops claim to IAC name

IAC therefore salutes respected Anna Hazareji, we will always love, respect and cherish his pioneering work against corruption, and shall follow as closely as we can in his footsteps and uphold his ideas and principles.

We respect Anna's view that the BJVA will be a grassroots movement of the people of BHARAT. We at IAC, however, shall convey forcefully the ideology of the people of INDIA. Both India and Bharat are 2 birds sitting on the same tree - always together and needing to co-exist. We view our Armed Forces and the IESM movement as the natural link between India and Bharat, and are confident that together we shall forge this nation into a pure and righteous nation such as History has never seen before.

We fully support Annaji's meeting at Patna, and even though Annaji may not now have a home or office in Delhi due to the financial crises, he is always in our hearts and ever welcome at my own humble abode or those of IAC's officer bearers.

National Convenor
India Against Corruption jan andolan